Belle | The founder of Leela Yoga

Yoga is so much more than just doing exercises on a yoga mat. It has transformed me, both physically and emotionally, into a much healthier, stronger, and happier person. It is a conscious way of thinking, that has a big influence on the way I treat others and how I make decisions as well.

Practising yoga keeps me grounded and sane, despite the busy life I lead. Yoga makes my life feel lighter, makes me softer towards myself, and more flexible towards others. It made me realize I don’t have to be so hard on myself and that taking a step back is even more effective sometimes. Especially after experiencing the impact of yoga on my personal life and health, I am beyond happy to share this with the world.

May/June 2021: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (60hrs) with Esther van Voorst at Yogaschool Noord. May/June 2020: Meditation and Movement with Laura Tabrizi at The Mountain Ibiza.
November/December 2019: Reiki (10hrs) with Ria van Leeuwen at Mamasté.
May 2018 – Yoga Nidra & Pranayama (50hrs) with Moena de Jong at De Nieuwe Yogaschool.
May 2018 – Anatomy for yoga teachers (10hrs) with Manja Weijers.
February 2018 –Yin Yoga and Energy (50hrs) with Alison Melvin at De Nieuwe Yogaschool.
August 2016 – Yoga Makes a Difference Raja yogi course (50hrs) with Ratheesh Acharya.
February 2016 – Thai Yoga massage course (30hrs) at Omsala Chiang Mai.
January 2016 – Kavya Hatha Yoga immersion (30hrs) with Sarra Kaufman at Namo Chiang Mai.
December 2015 – The Power of Touch; Tao of Yoga Adjustments (30hrs) with Vari Morales.
November 2015 – Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training (200hrs) with Vari Morales at All Yoga.

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