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Below are the answers to a number of frequently asked questions.
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What are the benefits of yoga at work compared to yoga in a studio?

You save time travelling to and from a yoga studio, you don’t have to leave the office and get to practice in a familiar environment. You learn to integrate yoga and mindfulness into your daily life, in a place where you spend a big part of your day, instead of inside an exclusive studio or during a fancy yoga retreat.

Yoga at work increases sustainable employability and reduces absenteeism. When you experience the power, peace, energy and fun of yoga together with your team, the interaction and atmosphere in your work environment will improve.

I am very busy, how do I make time for yoga at work?

Take a good look at your schedule and see if you can free up an hour in your busy day for an effective yoga break. It is important to consciously plan and use your breaks. If you are constantly working and do not plan time for breaks, this creates concentration problems that get worse as the day progresses. After the yoga class, you will be able to work with more positive energy, clarity and focus which will make it easier to complete your tasks.

I do not have experience with yoga and/or I am as stiff as a board. Can I still participate?

All classes are (also) suitable for beginners. During the sessions, different options will be offered so you can adjust the practice to your level. Just do what you can and do not go beyond your limits. Be aware of your own abilities and have patience. Practice, practice and all is coming.

What do I have to bring to class?

Wear clothing that you can move easily in. If necessary, bring a pair of socks and/or a warm sweater or cardigan to use during the final relaxation. I will take care of the rest!

We do not have a shower at the office. Is yoga at work suitable for us?

We can determine the intensity of the yoga classes together. If desired, we can do active postures and flows on the mat, but if you do not want to sweat too much in your work clothes, we can do less physically challenging postures and focus on seated meditation and/or breathing and movement exercises.

If I do yoga during my lunch break, when do I eat?

Leela Yoga classes don’t necessarily have to take place during your lunch break, we can find a time in the day that works for you. An active break in your work day in the afternoon is advisable to counteract the well-known afternoon dip. You can eat up to 1.5 hours before the yoga class, have a smaller snack or have your lunch after class.

Is your question not listed here? Contact me and I will answer your question as soon as possible.

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